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Provide Monthly SEO backlinks with white hat link building

When the results will be seen? How long to get First Page?

You’ll see results between 7~30 days after delivery. My gig is strong, but results/positions are not guaranteed. You will need patience and long-term SEO to see some good results. As you know, in SEO it is impossible to guarantee positions, so I have no way of knowing how long to get the #1 page.

Safe Link Building Strategy? How about High Authority DA / PA / DR / UR ?

Yes, are safe. We have never had any problems with our link building strategy. You will receive SEO Backlinks from High Authority Domains like: Ahrefs Metrics DR or UR 49~20, or Moz Metrics DA or PA 49~20. The blogs where we will place the links will have High Authority in Moz or Ahrefs, not both.

How many Backlinks?

Basic pack have: 30 Powerful Guest Post Backlinks + 500 Backlinks from Web Blog posts + 150 Backlinks from Profiles websites. Standard: 45 Powerful Guest Post + 750 Web Blog posts + 225 Profiles Backlinks. Premium: 60 Powerful Guest Post + 1000 Web Blog posts + 300 Profiles Backlinks.

How many URL / Keywords accepts?

Only 1 URL. Keywords: For best results, i recommend 2~4 keywords.

What can I expect about the Content where the backlinks will be placed?

I’ll create SEO Backlinks on articles with some related content about your business niche with the goal of transferring the authority of those posts to your website. Don’t expect to receive specific and perfect content, SEO Backlink is not like Advertising. Profiles Links will be from Random Niche.

The Powerful Guest Posts Backlinks will be from Home-Page?

Yes and no. Besides the link in the Post, some of the Blogs for Powerful Guest Posts allow the backlink to be displayed on the home-page. 🙂

Skyrocket your local SEO, google business, and gmb ranking

What do you cover in local SEO as "LocalWorks" technique?

The “LocalWorks” technique covers local SEO thoroughly. Majorly focus on Google SEO, Google Business Profile (GBP), Google Ranking Local SEO (GRLS), Google Knowledge Panel (GKP), GMB SEO, Google Maps Optimization, Local Citations (UK/Canada/USA),Local Listings, Google Map Citations. OMG?? Inbox me!

What things do I need to get started with local SEO for monthly SEO service?

That’s a great question! I’d need your website URL, Access to your website backend, cPanel, keywords (Don’t have? No worries, I can help you with this.), and Gmail (Yes, Google mail). To make the campaign successful, I’d ask you a few more details. Inbox me to increase Google local SEO traffic. 🙂

How your this local SEO service different than other diversifying natural off-page backlink services?

Backlinks services are natural and are with “LatticeWorks” algorithm. My local SEO service is more for local business listing and traffic, called “LocalWorks”;includes GMB Ranking, Google Business Profile, Google Maps, Google Ranking Local SEO, Google Knowledge Panel, Directory Submission,Citations.

How long would it take to see the improvement in the Google Ranking with Local SEO and Google Maps SEO?

Local SEO is a game of patience; play fair to win -:) It may look quicker, but it’s quite ongoing process. It depends on niches, competition, website content, On-Page SEO, GMB, etc. Usually, my clients see improvement within 4-5 month for monthly SEO service. Inbox me to learn more.

I see you're from the USA. What local SEO tactics and strategies do you use? How are you different than other sellers?

Trustworthy USA-based local SEO service!. I’d be using an in-house developed technique called the “LocalWork technique” for local SEO w/ 49 checkpoints for on-page optimization; purely Google SEO tactic that follows Google Business Profile (GBP), Google My Business (GMB) and Google Ranking. Inbox me

Do you guarantee rank #1 in Google for my business and GMB ranking if I buy your local SEO service?

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee a specific ranking in SEO. As I said, SEO is a process involving 100s of things to get Rank #1. If someone is guaranteeing that he/she will get your website on rank #1, it means either they are scamming or doing black hat things (temporary). Beware of them. -:(

Do you write guest post and articles as well in monthly SEO service?

That’s a great question. Yes, I do. Monthly SEO service would need content from your website to post outside the world for better ranking. We both need to work together as a team and market it. I’ll always recommend my clients to publish min two blogs (monthly) on their website. See my Gig Extras!

I don’t know my SEO keywords. Would you be kind to do keyword research and SEO audit?

No worries. I understand! If you don’t have keywords for your brand/website, leave that to me, I’ll do keyword research based on analyzing your competitor and get the best keywords for the SEO campaign. Since I’m from the USA, I’ll do more detailed local USA-based research. Inbox me to learn more!!!

Bull complete monthly SEO service for google ranking

How will your MONTHLY SEO SERVICE help me?

My Monthly SEO Service will help you reach unlimited number of potential prospects for your business. And with the help of my SEO strategy and methodology, Web 2.0 and Article Marketing Campaigns, you will be able to increase your daily visitors and ranking on search engines.

Are all the links permanent?

Yes, absolutely. If you find one broken, just let me know and it will be replaced. As principle, I deliver bonus links as well.

Do you accept websites in foreign languages?

Yes. I have the team to work on every language.

What all niche services do you accept?

I accept all niche services from all across the world. Don’t worry about it.

Are your SEO strategies Google-friendly? I hope they would not end up penalizing my website?

My strategies are white-hat and in accordance with Google’s guidelines. I do not prefer any SEO strategy that can damage your reputation or be a cause of penalty. Rest assured, your website will be completely safe and I will keep it updated with the latest.

Would I get a report? If yes, in what format?

Definitely! You will get a report in Excel format. It will help you see and understand each phase in different tabs easily.